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This is ONLY for JANUARY 2021 

I'm offering everyone who orders a This is My/Our Story Book or This is My/Our Christmas Story Book before 

January 21, 2021 a special 2021 price--Pay just $20.21 today to secure your book! Then by March 21st, you must pay half of the remaining balance, and by May 21st, you must pay the final remaining balance.  To get in on this offer, order your books before January 21, 2021. Soon I'll launch another offer that will allow you to get $30 off the price of additional copies of these books if you want to order more than one copy of them. Don't forget to go to the Contract Page to sign the contract FIRST before placing your order below. Only one contract is required per customer.

This is My/Our Story Book OR Christmas Book 2021 deposit